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Cyber threats are increasing globally. Billions of dollars is being stolen by cybercriminals. 

With a limited workforce, the call for cyberwarriors in the global market will continue to increase into 2040 and beyond. Our world is governed by computer networks and softwares that must be protected to maintain quality. 

If you are determined, innovative, and quick on your feet; then you have what it takes to become a cyberwarrior. A cyberwarrior has an arsenal of defensive and offensive weapons at their disposal to locate and defeat the enemy. We hope you will answer the call, the cyber battlefield needs YOU! Click on the preview or play full gaming module. GOOD LUCK!


  1. An intense educational gaming experience

  2. Understanding how cyberwarriors use FIREWALLS in the industry

  3. Learning about network architecture

  4. Grasp the concept of securing a network architecture

  5. Compete in the Firewall Defense Challenge

  6. Earning your badge as CyberWarrior

Module 2 - CyberWarrior Challenge - Slide 6.png
Module 2 - CyberWarrior Challenge - Slide 12.png
Module 2 - CyberWarrior Challenge - Slide 22.png
Module 2 - CyberWarrior Challenge - Slide 24.png
Module 2 - CyberWarrior Challenge - Slide 26.5.png
Module 2 - CyberWarrior Challenge - Slide 42.png

Will you step up and earn the badge of cyberwarrior?

CyberWarrior Certificates - Firewall Defense Challenge.png

MUST COMPLETE ON DESKTOP or LAPTOP TO PRINT. Screenshoting for iPads, Tablets, and mobile devices will work for secure the documentation.

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